Why Pollen is Great

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It’s that time of year again. Well, at least in the southern United States it is. If you’re not from around here you may not even understand what I’m talking about.
Out in the deserts, they don’t have it. I’ve even considered moving to one of those locales just to get away from it. In the north, it has probably not arrived yet, but don’t worry, it’s coming.
It came like a thief in the night. Actually, I think I started noticing it in the morning. Either way, there was no doubting it had arrived.
My eyes became itchy, my nose runny, and there was the strangely bitter taste in my mouth that no one else seems to notice but me.
Yep. Spring has arrived, and while I’m thankful for the warmer weather, the pollen that comes with it is a dreadful byproduct.
Or is it?
I’ve been seeing lots of friends on Facebook and Twitter talking about how annoyed they are. Some of them are frustrated because they have to wash their cars more frequently. Others are just having trouble breathing through their noses.
Allergies can be scourge that lasts several weeks for some. I never really measured how long mine bother me. But it seems hit or miss.
Never the less, it is a pain.
I mentioned something about it in a sarcastic text message to a friend the other day. It was along the lines of, “so glad the pollen is back.” Most people who know me know my favorite season is the fall, when the pollen and insect populations start to decline.
His response was equally sarcastic, “But it brings May flowers!” I think he’s confusing pollen with rain, but I suppose it’s both.
My friend’s reply got me thinking, though.
Life has all kinds of pollen that come into our lives. It could be negative people in the workplace, problems with the car, unexpected bills, or something that pops up and causes us to change plans.
While we are going through the annoyance, it can be irritating, frustrating, or even itchy, like my eyes are currently.
In the end, though, the occurrences can teach us something about ourselves and help us to grow into something beautiful, like the May flowers.
One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I can get super frustrated very easily. I suppose I just want things to be simple. Many times I wonder if that is too much to ask.
But if things were easy all the time, I would never grow as a person. My patience being tested helps me to develop more patience and a calmer mind. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, there is a good text from its pages that says, “Be slow to anger.”
Maybe the frustrating little things that drive me nuts are trying to teach me how to do that.
In the various novels I write, my characters are always challenged as well. Even though it is fiction, they have to overcome different things to become better at something or to achieve a goal.
That is the way this life goes. We face challenges so that we can grow and become better.
To what end? I’m not sure.
But I do know that while we are on this earth, the pollen brings about beauty in the flowers and plants it helps create.
Maybe we should look at the pollen in our lives and see what beauty it can make in us.



  1. Walked in the breakroom this morning. My co-workers and I were wishing each other good mornings, and then the obligatory pollen conversation. Cranked up email and bam, your blog. Very nice. Nice timing. : )

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    • Ha! Glad you liked it. And yes, those conversations always seem to spring up right about now in the workplace. 🙂

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  2. Ernie …

    Your article’s grist … reminded me of a Gibran quote … “If one accepts the sunshine and the rain, one must also accept the thunder and the lightning.”
    and also a Thomas Paine quote about ‘heaven requiring the dearest price’ which I can’t recall exactly right now — as one elephant said to his peer elephant friend who ate the bowling ball; “this too shall pass.”

    Peace and Ouch! Edward

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