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I’ve been working extremely hard for the last few months on the first book of a new series.  I originally wrote the story as a movie script then decided to do it as a book instead.

It’s called The Dream Rider and I am super excited about it.

The release date for this book will be June 14, 2013.  This story is unlike anything I’ve ever written before and is a major leap from the genre I typically work with.

The Dream Rider is an up-tempo, intense, mind bending story that blends theoretical quantum physics with fiction and takes an average college student, Finn McClaren, on journey he could have never thought possible.  Finn is mediocre in every sense of the word until a fateful night when a strange man tries to kill him.  Finn believes it was all a dream, that is until he wakes up in another world, overrun by an evil emperor.

Finn must fight through a series of gladiator battles in a struggle to survive and find courage he never knew he had.  Along the way, he learns about the real meaning of dreams, and about an ancient power only he possesses.

Below is the cover art designed by hand by Greg DeCicco.

For those of you anxious for the next Sean Wyatt story, don’t worry.  The next and final installment of the original Sean Wyatt Trilogy will be released in late summer.  Final?  Yep.  It’s the final book of that storyline.  But fear not, loyal readers, Sean Wyatt and the crew have many more adventures yet to come.  One may just be heading to the coast of Greece…..

For now, Sean and the gang are off to Egypt in search of the two final chambers of Akhanan.  What will they find?  You’ll have to wait a few more months to find out.  😉

Feel free email me if you have any questions or thoughts.  It’s always cool to chat with you guys.

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  1. An always. Pondered question. Who is ‘The Dreamer?’.

    Eerie — am incorporating dream-life in current chapters of WHH as a form of ‘stream of unconsciousness’ to tell part of unexcavated Truths —

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  2. Just read dream rider,it is great a must read. Thanks you for writing it. Could not put it down. Please write more. You out did yourself on this one.

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    • Thanks Dave! I appreciate your kind words. 🙂
      And don’t worry, Finn will be back around Christmas time. Sean might be back in the early fall, I hope. 🙂

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  3. Loved the book! Could not put it down!! It is a most read for all of us dreamers that think this world still has hope. It awakens something inside of you: the power within. It is encouraging to see the average guy do something extraordinary. Good job Ernie!! Looking forward for more!!


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