Lost Socks

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It happens to all of us. Well, most of us anyway.

It seems to happen to me all the time.

I go to the store to buy a new set of socks. Invariably, six to ten weeks later I am missing several of them.

I know that I had them when I started my laundry. It seems like there is some kind of vortex inside the clothes dryer.

You probably know what I’m talking about.

I’ve heard stories about mythical sock monsters or that inside the dryer is a gateway to another dimension. If there really is a worm hole, I feel bad for that other dimension because it has to be packed to the brim with everyone’s missing socks.

Where our socks disappear to is one of life’s insignificant yet puzzling questions. I’d sure like to know the answer. And don’t suggest that maybe I lost them or they dropped behind the washer and dryer. I’ve already checked everywhere.

The point remains, we find ourselves asking little questions like that all the time. Occasionally, we let those questions or doubts get the better of us and we make too much of them when really, we would be better off taking them with a grain of salt.

So many times we get bogged down by things that don’t really matter in the long run. We pick fights with our significant others or friends over not doing the dishes, what political position is correct, or about how something could have been broken due to lack of caution.

It is crucial for the betterment of our lives that we let the inconsequential things go. Dishes will eventually get done. Political opinions are like…well, you know, everyone’s got one. And when it comes to getting upset about how something could have been broken, but wasn’t, seems a little like emotion and energy are being spent in inefficient ways.

I could go crazy over all the socks I’ve lost through the years. Spending the time, energy, and emotion over such silly thing like that hardly sounds rational when I still have plenty of socks to wear, and can always go buy more at the store.

It’s like a guy told me several years ago when I was forced to sell my motorcycle, “The good thing about those is, they make new ones everyday.” He patted me on the back then took off on my bike (sniffle).

But his little tidbit of wisdom has stuck with me to this day. New socks are made everyday. And everyday is a new chance to do it better than you did the day before. You can interact with people better. Bring a smile to their face. And instead of choosing to be angry over something, laugh at the hilarity of the moment.

There are far too many things going on in this world for us to worry so much about lost socks. Next time you find yourself fretting, feeling frustrated, or tilting toward anger, remember that even if you lose your socks, everything will be okay.

Who knows? Today might be a perfect day for sandals anyway.



  1. I too spend too much time worrying about the small things like lost socks or burnt toast. Thanks for reminding me to look up and think big Ern. Have a great day! Jo

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