In A Fog

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I was on my way to work through a foggy morning.  Thick clouds of the evaporating moisture hung heavily as I pressed down the interstate.

Fog is a funny thing.  It seems harmless enough.  But I remember it causing several terrible car accidents when I was younger.

It just looms there in front of us, pestering us.

There are a lot of situations in life that can be foggy.  Maybe you would call them periods of uncertainty.

They’re times in life that seem harmless enough but in the end can be extremely dangerous.  Maybe the fog is a temptation you struggle with.  Perhaps it is a difficult decision about your career path or something in your personal life.

The fog is something we experience in one way or another.  And in these moments, our future is defined.

You see, every single time we are faced with a situation like that, we choose one of two paths.  Some people decide to recklessly forge ahead at full speed, never giving a second thought to the consequences.

Others slow down and carefully survey the road ahead.  They weigh the consequences of their actions and decide the best course accordingly.

While on my way to work, I was running a few minutes late.  I thought about going a little faster than normal but when I entered the fog, I slowed down because I knew if it got much thicker, it might be too late to slow down.

There is something else that slowing down helps us do, besides avoiding trouble.  Slowing down helps us get a good look at the world around us.

Later in the day, when I was headed home from the office, I took one of the back roads home.  It was slower than the interstate, but that was what I wanted.  The air was clean (save for the pollen) and the incredible splendor of a southern spring was all around me.

I was even okay with the slow truck that drove in front of me for nearly twenty minutes.  I barely even noticed it, something that would have driven me crazy had I not been enjoying everything around me.

While I was absorbed in the beauty of the green leaves and multitude of flowers, I didn’t have time to be irritated.  Rather, I didn’t have any room for irritation in my heart.  It was filled with appreciation instead.

The fog taught me an interesting little lesson, one that maybe I’ve tried to point out before but I think bears repeating.  I’ll probably even point it out again someday.  Slow down, take a look around, and enjoy the ride.

When I am writing new books, I try to make sure that I enjoy the process as it’s happening.  It can be easy for authors to get caught up in trying to get the next story out for the readers.  But when that happens, we lose sight of what we are writing for.

We’re writing for the journey.

So, be careful.  But also savor every second of it.  Whether you’re in the mountains or the deserts or the swamps or the prairies.  Enjoy the journey.

And whether it’s sunny or foggy, slow down.


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  1. ‘incredible splendor of a Southen spring’ —- awesome writing — the channeling continues — had a bit of a scary experience in the fog on The Brow in the dark and foggy/clouds — hope all is well with you —

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