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Below is a comprehensive list of all my novels in the Sean Wyatt Series of thrillers.

The Secret of the Stones, The Cleric’s Vault, The Last Chamber.

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THE LOST CHAMBERS BOX SET COVER LARGEIn his former life, Sean Wyatt was a trained killer. When the government needed something done quietly, he was the guy they called. Life in covert missions took it’s toll, though, and he finally made a change, taking a job with a friend’s artifact recovery agency. He was looking for purpose and a life where bullets aren’t always coming his way. What he got was more trouble than he bargained for.

THE SECRET OF THE STONES- Forever running from his demons, Sean Wyatt goes to work for the International Archaeological Agency. When his best friend goes missing and a history professor is murdered, Sean has to call upon his unusual skill set and ends up in a high-octane, perilous race against an evil mastermind with dangerous, global intentions. Ancient riddles, murder, high speed car chases, shootouts, and intrigue all lead to an astonishing discovery that will change American history as we know it.

THE CLERIC’S VAULT- Sean is trying to recover and relax, spending some time in Las Vegas to take his mind off his past, both recent and long ago. When a hit squad is sent to his hotel room, he and an old friend narrowly escape with the help of a mysterious woman who tells them about a strange book left in the mountains by Francisco Coronado. They must follow the clues and unravel the mystery of an odd treasure a priest left behind in the mountains of Ecuador.

THE LAST CHAMBER- An explosion in Cairo nearly kills Sean Wyatt. After narrowly escaping the city, he tracks down a professor who has been targeted by an assassin and gets him to safety. That safety doesn’t last long, though, as the assassin finds them on a train where Sean discovers a troubling truth. Danger lurks around every corner as Sean investigate a monastery with a sordid past. Follow the clues, the chase, and the fight as Sean and company try outrun an evil mastermind and uncover a mystery that will rewrite the history books. Or if they lose, the face of the planet could be forever altered.

The Grecian Manifesto:

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Over two thousand years ago, Julius Caesar lost a weapon of untold power in a shipwreck.

When Adriana Villa goes missing during her search for a device called, The Eye of Zeus, former government agent Sean Wyatt is called in by the president to find what it was she was looking for. Once more, Wyatt is in a race against time as he speeds across the world to Rome, Athens, and to the Ionian Sea. He must unlock the riddles that have baffled historians and treasure seekers for thousands of years if he is to discover the mysterious object.

But he is not the only one searching for The Eye of Zeus. There is another player in the game, and with his wealth and power, he might be able to leverage the balance to suit his evil desires, which will mean financial ruin for all of Europe, and perhaps the world.

Along the way, Sean and his sidekick, Tommy Schultz, find themselves in a pulse-pounding race to the prize filled with bullets, close quarters combat, and an underwater treasure that could alter the course of history.

The Norse Directive:

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In 1801, a British officer discovered a clue to one of the most coveted relics in history.

When Sean Wyatt rescuse a friend from being executed in the mountains of Tennessee, Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, Tommy Shultz are thrown into a high octane game of cat and mouse with a wealthy Frenchman named Gerard Dufort who will stop at nothing to get his next prize.

The two friends find themselves zipping across the globe to southern England, Copenhagen, Scotland, and the American Southwest in a race against the clock and a man with sinister plans of his own.

This action packed story is sure to keep you turning the pages until you reach the end and send an email to the author telling him to hurry up and write the next installment.

Game of Shadows:

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In the final days of World War II, a mysterious German U-boat was seen by a United States naval vessel in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of South America.

Before the ship could fire upon the sub, it vanished.

History tells us that, after the war, the German high command scattered across world hoping to evade punishment for their crimes.

What it doesn’t tell us is what they took with them.

Priceless paintings?

Rare sculptures?

Vast treasures?

Many of these things have been discovered but there is one that remains hidden. It was one of the most well-hidden, secretive experiments the Nazis carried out during the war and now someone is trying to unearth it.

If they succeed, it could bring civilization to its knees.

The Jerusalem Creed:

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When an archaeologist’s daughter is abducted, he must help them find a powerful ancient relic to save her life but at the cost of millions of lives. Or is there another option?

Enter former government special agent Sean Wyatt.

Thousands of years ago, Babylonian armies invaded Jerusalem. They ripped through the city, leaving a swath of destruction in their wake and taking almost everything Israel held sacred. Almost.

Under the cover of darkness, the high priest dispatched two of his most trusted friends to the far reaches of the empire and beyond to hide three of their most powerful relics. But now the relics are being sought by a modern evil.

Sean Wyatt and his band of part-time heroes are thrown into a global conspiracy that could mean the end of civilization as we know it.

Race from Tennessee to England, Scotland, Bhutan, and Iran with Sean and his sidekick Tommy Schultz as they unravel ancient clues, fight their way through assassination attempts, and takes on a band of terrorists who are plotting their own kind of world war.

Will Sean be able to track down the ancient relics before the terrorists? Will he save the archaeologist’s daughter? Or will the killers recover one of the ancient world’s most powerful and mysterious combination of artifacts?

There’s only one way to find out.

The Samurai Cipher:

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The Samurai Cipher is book 8 in the Sean Wyatt adventure thriller series and is yet another installment written in the spirit of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, and others.

In this story, Sean Wyatt and his best friend Tommy Schultz head to Japan to uncover a mysterious riddle left by a dead man.

What they learn is that the man was searching for the fabled Honjo Masamune, the greatest sword ever made by the greatest sword maker in all of history.

Finding the blade won’t be easy and along the way, the two Americans discover they aren’t the only ones searching for it.

Begin your adventure today with The Samurai Cipher!


The Cairo Vendetta:

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Sometimes a terrorist threat comes from the least expected place.

Beyond the plains of the Serengeti, in the distant shadows of Kilimanjaro, a new new evil has risen.

A sinister warlord is building an army with child soldiers he abducted from Tanzanian towns. But the threat he poses isn’t just to East Africa.

This rebel has acquired powerful missiles armed with enough nerve gas to wipe out entire cities.

Government Agent Sean Wyatt and his partner Emily Starks travel to Tanzania to foil Toli’s evil scheme and bring his reign of terror to an end, but what they find is that there is more to the mission than they first believed.

Go back in time to the years just after the tragic events of 9/11. Follow Sean, Emily, and Tommy Schultz as they race against the clock to figure out who is pulling the strings behind a wicked plan that could bring the world to its knees.

Grab this exhilarating thrill-ride now and see why readers are saying Ernest Dempsey is one of the best new voices in this genre.



Sean Wyatt and his sidekick Tommy Schultz take on their toughest challenge yet when they receive a mysterious email from a friend in Australia.
The email contains information about an ancient Aborigine treasure that lies hidden somewhere in the wilds of the Australian outback.
After a museum curator goes missing, and another murdered, Sean and Tommy must decipher the code from a 120 year old document that could alter the course of history in Australia and put incredible power in the hands of a madman.
Grab a copy of the high octane adventure readers are calling “perfect,” “the best book of the year,” and “first class story-telling.”




Excalibur: sword of kings. Slayer of armies. Blade of destiny.

Legend holds that whoever wields this mighty, ancient weapon is invincible, able to vanquish all enemies and rule entire lands. But more than a thousand years after the mythical kingdom of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, tales of Excalibur and its exploits have long been considered only that: legend.

That is, until an astonishing archaeological find in France convinces former secret agent Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, Tommy Schultz, that even this unlikeliest of myths is rooted in a truth that now threatens the modern world.

Racing against time and a North Korean madman bent on finding, and brandishing, this ancient blade of unstoppable power, Wyatt and Schultz must also outwit an underground brotherhood sworn to keep the secrets of this sacred sword for eternity.

In yet another heart-pounding tale with more twists than the ancient legend itself, beloved author Ernest Dempsey’s The Excalibur Key is a thrill ride like no other—and will keep you guessing until the very end.


The Denali Deception eBook cover


What if the greatest secret of the US Civil War never made the history books? What if the Union and the Confederacy had fought not just for country and principle but for a source of unlimited, unimaginable wealth and power?
While on a classified mission from the president, secret agent turned treasure hunter Sean Wyatt and his sidekick, Tommy Schultz, stumble upon these darkest American mysteries long thought to be lost to history.
To guard these truths and the power they conceal, Sean and Tommy must battle a rich and powerful secret society bent on unearthing these secrets for themselves—a clandestine cabal willing to lie, steal, and kill—even the president himself—for a shot at limitless power. Their goal is simple: reshaping the country according to their dark, dangerous plans.