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At different times of the day, you will encounter challenges, moments where things are more difficult than usual. Hopefully these troublesome times are outliers, anomalies to your otherwise happy day.

When they do hit, these challenges can invoke a range of emotions.

Feelings and emotions have a powerful impact on the world around us, and on our bodies. A quick reference to that would be the often documented effects that stress have on humans.

Our emotions are unbridled, raw energy that can spring up at any moment, especially when triggered. Knowing this, and realizing that feelings have such a strong impact on so many different things, it is critical that we learn how to control them.

The human mind is much different than emotions. It is calculating, thoughtful, and more like an extremely powerful computer. There is something else that the mind does as well. The brain is the guidance system for human actions and human emotions.

One of the biggest differences between humans and animals is our ability to use the mind to take away instinctual reactions to things. When we stub our toe on the ottoman, we don’t have to pick up our laptop and throw it through the window, a reaction that would cause us to lose both our laptop, and a window.

Our brains know this, and can change the reaction because the mind is a guidance system. This is why it is imperative to get your mind right.

Instead of drifting along through your day and hoping that you will be able to handle whatever life throws at you, wouldn’t it be better if you were a little more proactive? What does that mean? And how do we get proactive about stuff we don’t know is going to happen?

A friend of mine regularly posts pictures of her lake house on one of her social media accounts. The pictures are so peaceful and always bring a smile to my face. I find that the images she posts are much more powerful than just some picture she took at a moment of artistic inspiration.

One of the first things I think about almost every single morning is the image of my friend’s lake house. I imagine the serene beauty of the perfectly still lake, the warm sun beating down on my skin, the smell of the pine trees, the gentle breeze rolling over my face, and the gentle rustle of the leaves.

Sounds calming, doesn’t it?

Well, it is. And that’s exactly why I imagine that scene. By putting my imagination in that picture, I can almost feel like I’m really there. When I feel the relaxing feeling of being on the shore of that lake, my heart and mind become much more calm.

Just so you know, starting off your day in a calmer state is great for eliminating stressful situations before they arise. I often encounter events that could be extremely stressful, but if I start off my day with the simple exercise of imagining a peaceful place, I am better equipped to handle whatever life throws at me.

How can you start your day a little better?

I recommend not turning on the television at first, perhaps not checking your social media, and reduce the amount of clutter coming into your mind. Let yourself go through some thoughtful imagination and focus on things that will calm you. Maybe there’s a picture you can look at that will bring about peaceful feelings, but it doesn’t have to just be images. Certain smells textures can also bring about the same kinds of good emotions.

Give it a try. Maybe you have a tense week ahead. I know I do. But I also know that I can make it better with a few simple tweaks.

What are some things you do to get your mind right? If you have some, or would just like to share a comment below, go for it!




  1. My morning starts with our 15 month old Australian Shepherd jumping up on the bed and saying hello to me. She is there every morning, usually around 7am, and if you dont get up or wake up quickly enough she just keeps escalating her activity level. Once you acknowledge her presence and start to play with her all your worries and concerns about that day vanish. Puppies focus on the now, and allow us to do the same. Once the blind over the window beside the bed is lifted the focus changes to the outside world and the adventures it may bring.

    Once we get downstairs and she has run into the back yard I have a chance to thank God for the gift of another day, and to ask for guidance through this new one. In this way I acknowledge that I am thankful for another day and recognize that I am not in charge. Whatever happens will be ok and I do not have to be in charge. This is how I try to get my mind right first thing in the morning, and I can repeat this exercise as many times as needed throughout the day.

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    • awesome. Mine is similar except it’s my two cats that wake me up. lol

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  2. My day starts with my dogs as well. Usually with the new puppy begging to go outside at some insane time in the morning. But I open up that cage and that 12 week old 21 lb little guy comes bouncing out so happy to see me, how can your mind not be right. After dogs are let out and fed comes the morning game of fetch. The 5 lb yorkie began this routine with her mini tennis ball before the puppy arrived. It is usually a 5 minute game. This morning the puppy wanted in on it. We had a blast at 5:30 in the morning. Great way to start the day.

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  3. I think of Krishna and the time he spends with cows- I try to imagine all the pranks he conjures in his head in a place all green and bright while the cows graze peacefully slowly munching enjoying every moment with eyes closed~ This reminds me all over again, the moments of extreme peace and calm I have felt strongly before and gives me faith and the strength to endure through times of shortsighted moments of stress 🙂 And I like to think that such moments visit me to only remind me of Krishna and I chuckle wondering if this is another prank of his 😉 I get courage from this thought ‘cos a prank reveals itself eventually and the mystery of it keeps me going!
    Thank you Ernie! For this opportune post. It helped me crystallise and be able to express this moment of bliss! Shine on!

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  4. I really like your idea of looking at a picture that “transports” you to a peaceful, relaxed state of mind. I’m going to incorporate that into my routine. Sounds can do this for me too. At this moment I’m listening to a looped 38 second track called “vision meditation” from the Omvana app which is a soothing orchestra of bells, gongs, strings and soft percussions. It seems to be having a similar effect to your picture gazing exercise.
    I need all the tools I can use; my mornings usually start out stressful trying to get a cranky & difficult 10 yr old kid up & off to school before I can begin my workday.
    By the way, “Chasing Comets” has inspired me to focus on successful guiding principles for a happier & more successful life. It’s making a difference–Thanks!

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    • That is so awesome, Kris! Thank you for sharing your tools with the community, and thanks for the comment about Chasing Comets. I hope it can help many other people too.

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  5. Excellent idea! Stress has been creeping in on me lately. I am going to hang my favorite painting where it will be the first thing I see in the morning. It will be the reminder that each day is a new beginning 🙂

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  6. How do I sign up for the Dream Rider 2 beta?

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