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Strength, Courage, and the Unknown

Posted By on Jan 9, 2017

John Glenn died on December 8, 2016. I don’t post blogs very often because I don’t like to waste people’s time with trivial thoughts or things I don’t think will have much meaning for anyone. The death of John Glenn, however, caused me to reflect on a great many things. I’m a Wimp I’ve never fought in combat. I’ve never stared death in the face, clenched my teeth, and charged forward. Sure, I...

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Keep Digging

Posted By on Jan 29, 2016

I haven’t written on the old blog here since back in August of 2015. So it’s been a few months. And by a few I mean like five. I don’t really say much with regularity on here because most of my writing energy is put into creating new novels, like the War of Thieves I released a month ago. It’s been a little over eight months since I quit my job to become a full time writer. There have been some good moments and...

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Put It Off Until Never

Posted By on Aug 13, 2015

I once heard someone say, “There are a lot of days in the week but someday isn’t one of them.” The second those words entered my ears it became one of my favorite quotes, a mantra by which to live. When I say those words to someone, it usually gets a chuckle or a grin. I don’t use that line to be funny, though. As an author of fiction and some non-fiction, I get lots of people who tell me they wish they could...

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The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Posted By on May 13, 2015

Nobody’s perfect. Cliche. But true. A lot of people spend their time trying to reach perfection in various pursuits. Some spend their lives trying to perfect their golf game. Others will use their time trying to learn another language. Still more might spend their days amassing vast amounts of wealth. All of it in the pursuit of, if not perfection, trying to hit some mark they believe is perfect. I know a few writers or would-be...

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How Long Is Long Enough?

Posted By on Mar 29, 2015

I’m afraid of dying. History would suggest that most people are. Down through the ages, mankind has constantly searched for the source of immortality. Legends, myths, and tall tales of supernatural sources that can maintain vitality have existed since the beginning of time. One of the most famous instances was the search for the fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon spent a good deal of his life trying to find it. He scoured the...

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The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Posted By on Feb 22, 2015

I’m not going to get all philosophical and deep today. I know. I tend to do that sometimes. But this blog post will be one of the shortest I’ve written or ever will write simply because I just want to put the message out there. There’s way too much blame going on in the world. People constantly look to blame someone else or something else for their woes. Recently, I watched blame as it tried to tear apart the high...

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