Always Look On the Bright Side

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Life sure can be stressful. Most of us are just trying to tread enough water to stay afloat. At least it can seem that way. We work hard, try to play hard a little, and between we often worry about a lot of things.

It’s hard to blame a person for worrying. When so many of us are riding on the edge, it seems almost natural to stress out about things that could go wrong.

Then, of course, after a person worries about something long enough, their fears will be realized. Is it the universal law of attraction? Because we think and feel negatively about something, do those feelings bring about the negative experience?

Maybe. It appears that people who constantly have good things happening in their lives are much more optimistic. While those who constantly face trials tend to be a little cloudier with their outlook.

It’s easy to say, “be positive” when I’m writing this blog post or books on the back porch with my cats. Some might look at me at this very moment and say that I have it pretty good.

And they’d be right.

But having it good has nothing to do with a person’s home, possessions, or the people around them.

It is one hundred percent about your attitude towards life. I’m not talking about some secret that was pimped by Oprah and a bunch of other celebrities. I am talking about an easy change you can make in your outlook on life that will make your day, your week, and your year exponentially better.

Monty Python tried to remind us of an extremely important mantra in The Life of Brian. At the end of the movie, the main character is being wrongly crucified. Yet, as the three men hang there, suffering in the sun, they begin to sing the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” You can probably hear the whistling in your head right now.

While funny, and maybe a little macabre, the point remains: you can be in the worst possible scenario and still look on the bright side.

Several weeks back, I was driving home from a funeral a few hours away. It was getting late as I crossed over the state line, about twenty-five minutes from home. Suddenly, I heard something pop in my engine, and I lost power immediately.

The welcome center was up ahead on the right so I was able to coast my car in and park it there. Some people would be angry or frustrated. And while I wasn’t happy, I was extremely grateful that I was able to coast my car into the rest area and not have to leave it on the side of the interstate, much less walk several miles.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. I’m hanging out with some friends and one of them is very distressed. Apparently, his air conditioner has gone out in his home and he is worried it will be really expensive to fix. Sure enough, the repair guy calls him and reports it will be an expensive part to replace.

My friend hung up the phone and let out an expletive that goes along with the notion that his life sucks. If you don’t know that, you can look it up. I keep it clean on this site. 🙂

I looked at him and asked, “Why would you say that?”

He went on to talk about how he didn’t have the money to fix his a/c and how his life was an endless run of bad luck.

I stopped him right there.

I told him that he had a great life. I reminded him that he’d never missed a meal, had a roof over his head, a nice bed, a good car, a job, friends, family, and lots of other blessings around him. I assured him everything would be okay. Yeah, maybe his house would be a little hot for a week or two, but he would be alright.

I explained that when my car had died, it had warped all the valves and was going to cost three thousand dollars (a sum I didn’t have) to get it fixed. But I didn’t worry about it. I knew something would work out eventually.

And it will. It always will.

I asked my buddy about his air conditioner a few days later and he said that it was going to be cheaper than expected but still a few hundred dollars. To which, I reminded him that he would be receiving at least half that amount of money for an upcoming job he would be performing. He said nothing, but I think he knew I was right.

It all worked out.

There are people in the world with all kinds of issues. Some have life-threatening diseases. Some are starving. Some may have just lost a loved one or are going through unimaginable heart ache.

I would never say that any problem is more or less significant than anyone else’s. But I will say that you can make it a lot better if you take Monty Python’s advice.

When you look on the bright side, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to magically get a new car or get your a/c fixed, or be healed from a disease. But it makes bearing that cross a little easier.

Who knows, maybe the law of attraction does come into play. Maybe you will get those things you need. And when you do, you will appreciate them that much more.



  1. What a beautiful message, Ernest. I know that I have a choice about how I can react to any given situation. It still isn’t always pretty, and I’m still prone to expletives from time to time, but I have definitely seen a big improvement in my thinking and, thus, actions.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

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  2. I just want to thank you for all of the help that you gave to Morgan and also to me. Dalton is lucky to have such a caring counselor!

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  3. Excellent advice, and empowering perspective Ernest. Challenges in life are inevitable. No one can avoid them. Therefore, I’ve learned that it’s much more productive to learn better ways to handle them when they do arise. We must always be aware of the power of our thoughts and emotions, and when we let them get out of control or become overly negative, it will nearly always cause the challenge to magnify and become worse.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    • You’re absolutely right. Couldn’t agree more with the comment about emotions and thoughts. So huge.

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  4. Hi Ernest, totally agree that it is our attitude that creates our experience of challenges. If I knew what I know now, the challenges in my life would have been a lot easier for myself and others.
    We can create too much unnecessary drama in our lives.
    Take care.

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    • Yeah, if we had time machines we wouldn’t make some of the silly mistakes that we’ve made. Problem is, we would never go back in time to fix them if that was the case. lol
      I forget what that is called but it’s why time travel and changing the past isn’t possible. 🙂

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