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Anxiety Domination 101: Say No, More

Posted By on Aug 24, 2014

Maybe that title doesn’t read correctly. My editors try to help me with grammar and comma placement, but I fear I’ll never fully become proficient with that stuff. Maybe if I had finished my degree in English instead of switching to psychology that would have worked itself out. Oh well. The point of this short post is to serve as a gentle nudge for some, and a reminder to others, that you need to learn how to say no more...

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For the Win

Posted By on Aug 10, 2014

The late Al Davis, former owner of the Oakland Raiders football team, was famous for a saying, “Just win baby.”┬áHe believed in his franchise and in his credo of a commitment to excellence. Whether Al Davis was a great owner, or an eccentric and reckless meddler can be determined by the historians. His quote, however, will live forever as a testament to his legacy. I never win anything. Maybe you’re plagued with the...

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