Posts made in April, 2014

In a Hurry to Wait

Posted By on Apr 20, 2014

I was on a plane the other day and had the privilege of sitting next to a couple of interesting people. The man, sitting by the window, was in his mid-fifties, and the young woman was in her mid-twenties. I believe in total transparency, so I may as well give away my age. I’m 29. For the 9th time. Anyway, when we first boarded the plane, the two strangers next to me instantly struck up a conversation. I always eaves drop. I...

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Friends With Benefits

Posted By on Apr 6, 2014

Over the last few years, the term “friends with benefits” has become fairly common. Although, I think its meaning could be tweaked a little. I have been blessed in this life to have many friends, and it seems with every passing day I meet another one, sometimes more than one. This usually happens as a result of disobeying my parents’ instructions to not talk to strangers. It seems that no matter where I go, I can...

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