Posts made in October, 2013

Simplify Your Day

Posted By on Oct 24, 2013

I was getting ready for work early one morning. As I stumbled through the darkness in my house, my mind kept racing through all the things I needed to do that day, that week, and the remainder of the month. The more I thought about all the tasks I had to complete, the less happy I became. When I got in my car just before 7:00 a.m., I turned on the radio to listen to my usual mix of football talk and a variety of music. As I drove down...

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The Tough Decisions Playbook

Posted By on Oct 7, 2013

Along the way, life presents many tricky spots. During those times, we are faced with making decisions that will impact our lives in one way or the other. Often, it can be difficult to see far enough into the future to know exactly how those choices will affect us. These kinds of questions can span a broad spectrum of issues: Should you switch careers? Quit your job? End a relationship? Put your heart on the line? Move to a new place?...

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