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How I Deal With Loss

Posted By on May 29, 2013

One week ago I attended the funeral of a friend. We heard the news of his passing the weekend before.  It was sudden, shocking, and a million other similar adjectives I don’t have access to in this little vocabulary of mine. He was a reader, a fan, and a friend.  You may have even seen some of his comments on a few of my posts.  The last email he sent me was in regards to my blog post, Hitting the Wall. He said it was apt for...

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Hitting the Wall

Posted By on May 15, 2013

You can feel it seeping into your mind at first.  Then it hits your body. As you’re going along, working hard, you start to feel less motivated, less energetic, and less like pushing through to your goal. You start to make excuses.  You even rationalize that you have gone far enough, that most people wouldn’t have made it as far as you. That overwhelming sense of faux confidence can be your undoing, if you allow it....

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In A Fog

Posted By on May 1, 2013

I was on my way to work through a foggy morning.  Thick clouds of the evaporating moisture hung heavily as I pressed down the interstate. Fog is a funny thing.  It seems harmless enough.  But I remember it causing several terrible car accidents when I was younger. It just looms there in front of us, pestering us. There are a lot of situations in life that can be foggy.  Maybe you would call them periods of uncertainty. They’re...

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